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Creating Subpages #

Subpages are groups of pages that share a common prefix, which itself is another page. While this is also possible with "classic" wiki, by using names like SomeTopicSubTopic, the use of SomeTopic/SubTopic allows better navigational support, and you can omit the common prefix when linking from the parent page to the child page.

Thus, by using "/" to concatenate several WikiNames, you can create arbitrarily deep hierarchies (within limits, especially the length of filenames on your system). In reality, subpages are normal pages that contain a "/" in their name, and thus they are stored besides all other pages in the file system.

Links to sibling pages start with "../", for example ../SubPages (a link to this page).

Example #

 * HelpOnSubPages/SubPages
 * [wiki:HelpOnSubPages/SubPages sub page]
 * /ThirdLevel
 * [wiki:/ThirdLevel A page below this one]
 * ../HelpOnSubPages
 * ["../"] (anonymous parent link)
 * [wiki:../ free parent link]

Display #

/!\ MoniWiki support "./SubPages" syntax.

/!\ Please do all of us a favour and don't create the /ThirdLevel pages, it's just an example!

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